Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 4~ Prosthetic Conscience

Today's prompt was to base a poem off a spaceship name in the books of Iain M. Banks. Apparently, his books have lots of spaceships in them, and they have names like Jaundiced Outlook, Gunboat Diplomat, and Very Little Gravitas Indeed. I chose Prosthetic Conscience, because I was wondering what it would be like if you had to, I don't know, buy a new conscience. Enjoy!

Oh, I've heard the rumors.
And I know just what you need.
                      Come inside for a bit
                                      Explore around.

Aha, here it is. Take a look.
Isn't it shiny? It's brand new.
                  It isn't perfect, mind you.
                             It glitches a bit, messes with your morals
                   But you can't complain, can you?
                       You ruined your old one, didn't you
       Ignored it until it right ran away?
           Well, this one here's made of pure steel,
               Not flimsy good intentions like that other one.
  This one won't be running any time soon.

Price? Well, your soul, of course.

      It can't be worth much now, now that you've wasted your conscience.
            And your dignity, too, by the looks of it, if you've stooped to buying a new one.

Good! Now, this won't hurt a bit...
                                                                         Pleasure doing business with you.

Day 3~ Neverland

So, today's prompt was to write a sea shanty. I was pretty stuck on this one, but I eventually came up with this. And, yes, it is about Captain Hook. Enjoy!

We sail across the seven seas for 80 nights and days
Following the second star so we can find our way
We will not stop or rest until we see the golden sand
That points us to our island that is known as Neverland

Drink up, me hearty's, now, for celebrating's near
And we are but a fath'm away from the "land ho!" s to hear
And those from far and wide will hear our cheering crows
And come to join our Neverland, drink up, me hearty's, yo ho!\

And then you just repeat it. Over and over. Until you find Neverland or something.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Day 2~ Over the Phone

Day 2's prompt was to write a poem that was made up of lies. Any of you out there from NaNoWriMo will recognize the Traveling Shovel of Death reference. I thought you would like that. ;) Enjoy!

She is happy here.
She loves him.
Of course I'm fine with that.
I'm not mad at her!
No, she's fine.
In fact, she's never been better.
She told me to send her regards.
That shovel in the yard? Oh, I was gardening.
Dark stains on it? It's probably the mud.
Strange lumps in the dirt, you say? I planted some bulbs earlier.
No, I didn't love her, what a silly thought.
I have no reason to be jealous of him.
Bye, now.
And, in case you were wondering, yes, the Earth is flat.

Day 1~ Shakespeare's Love

So the prompt for today was to write a poem with the first line being the same as a famous first line. Enjoy!

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Or would that turn out to be too cliché?
Iambic pentameter would be fine
If I could only write it out in time
Before you leave my side once and for all
Before you leave me here to sink and fall
A summer's day has to end sometime
But I want you forever to be mine.

If music be the food of love, play on
So I can here forever your love song
But I cannot play you my melody
For love is just not what you want of me
"Oh, what a fool this mortal is!" you cry,
For you are but a goddess in mine eye
And I am but a fool you're far above
Infatuated by the thought of love.

I suppose parting is not sweet sorrow
If I am not to see you once tomorrow
Forgive, I couldn't give the love you sought.
The Bard was loved by you, but I am not.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

National Poetry Writing Month

April is National Poetry Writing Month, and has challenged me (and all its other viewers) to write one poem a day for the whole month! That's 30 whole poems! The people at NaPoWriMo are putting up a prompt every day for us poets to write from, and they are putting all the websites which have poems up on their fabulous site.  Now, I don't guarantee that they will all be good, or that they will all be, you know, written, but I do say I will try. So as for now, I will have to wait two whole days to put this blog to good use, but I don't mind the wait.